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Office Address:

VA Med.Center, SLC
GRECC Bldg 2 Rm 1C10
500 Foothill Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84148
Office    801-582-1565 Ext 4334
Cell        262-903-6395

Research Interests:

My primary research focus is vascular aging, particularly the mechanisms contributing to the endothelial dysfunction we observe in older populations. Specifically, I am interested in the interplay between the adipose tissue vasculature and adipose tissue function per se and how these functional phenotypes affect whole body metabolism. A typical “Western” lifestyle, including a diet high in saturated fats and/or a sedentary lifestyle, may induce premature dysfunction in the vasculature, the adipose or both, potentially exacerbating any age-associated phenotype observed in these tissues. Therefore my secondary research focus is to elucidate the mechanisms by which aging and aging in combination with high fat diet contribute to the functional capacity of the adipose tissue vasculature and the adipose tissue per se as well as to investigate novel interventions to prevent or treat the observed dysfunction.


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